Friday, December 17, 2010

Safety of Your Data

Friends,  It is already announced that tally has provided excellent feature of AUTO BACKUP in Tally.erp9 release 2 or later.  I do not understand why this feature has been fixed as No by default whereas it is major requirement of any user.  In my view Auto Backup Details  should be  equal to "Yes" by default.   Many tally suppliers or engineers install new version of tally in the computers of the customers, but they do not keep in
mind safety of  their customers.   

In case data is running normal there is no need of such feature.  But there are lot of changes for which data can be crashed due to sudden light failure or failure of UPS battery etc.  Only in this situation we remember about the Auto Backup feature  of Tally Data. 
इलाज से प्रेज अच्छा 
If Enable Auto Backup ="Yes", then no need to worry in future.  Tally takes auto backup time wise and stores them in the same directory where original data is available. 
Restore   Press Ctrl+Alt+K  in gateway of tally to check the restore function in tally.   You may restore data as per your convenience. 

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