Saturday, January 15, 2011

KYC (Know Your Client)/KYC Application Form

Friends,  KYC (Know Your Customer)  is important for those who invest their money in Mutual Fund etc. It is essential w.e.f. 1st January 2011 for all categories of investors who invests in Mutual Funds to comply with KYC norms under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 (PMLA) for carring out the transcations such as additional/ new  purchase, switch transactions, new SIP/STP/DTP registrations received from 01st January , 2011.

KYC = Know Your Customer =Know Your Client

Good news is that still there is no cost for registering of KYC.  It is totally free.  There are lot of chances that in future, government may charge some money for it's registration. Initially there was no cost for applying PAN card, but now it is chargeable approx. Rs. 94/- (with service tax etc.). 

In case you are interested to know the point of services (POS) of KYC then you may find it from here. (Click Here).

Requirement of Documents

  • Permanent Account Number (self attested photocopy).
  • Address Proof (self attested photocopy).
  • Photograph (cross signed on form).

Forms of KYC :- There are two types of forms, one for individual or second for non-individual
Download KYC form for Individuals              (Click Here)
Download KYC form for Non-Individuals      (Click Here)

Status of KYC :- If you want to check the status of KYC or you want to know that you are already registered with KYC or not.  There is no problem.  You can check it yourself with the help the link given below.  For it's checking, only PAN number is required.  Just enter your PAN number and check KYC status. 

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