Friday, January 21, 2011

Remove Temporarily Line in Tally

Friends,   Did you know that you can remove temporarily any line in tally while viewing  ledger on screen.   You know that once deleted anything in tally can not re-called. But temporarily removed lines can be re-called.   First of all question is that what is command to remove a line temporary.   Answer is  Alt+R for remove and CTR+U for recall.   These command not only remove only line but also remove groups.   This type of command us helpful when user wants to view sum of  any ledger except a particular line on temporary basis.

In above picture total shows Rs. 12,75,250.00, if you  remove any particular line , place cursor on particular line and press ALT+R, total will be changed automatically.   
To undelete or recall the same line , Press CTR+U for recall.  

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