Monday, February 21, 2011

Delete Multiple Vouchers in Tally

Do you know that you can delete multiple vouchers in tally with single command.  Select Vouchers with pressing Space or Select All with pressing Control+Space  and delete all using Alt+D.  With the picture view is can be easily solved.  In previous versions, Tally 7.2, Tally 5.4 or Tally 4.5 only deletion of single voucher was available but in tally 9 and tally.erp 9, multiple vouchers can be deleted.   Picture view for Multiple selection and deletion is available below. 
  • Command        =    Effect of Command
  • Space               =   Selection of Single Line
  • Control+Space =   Selection of All line
  • Alt+D              =    Delete Selection
  • Alt+X             =     Cancel Selected Lines/Vouchers.
Four different lines in different location have been selected using space bar in different location.  If we press Alt+D, all selected lines will be deleted in second.   Keep in mind that once deleted vouchers can not be recalled with tally default features. 

Select and Delete multiple vouchers with single command.

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