Friday, March 11, 2011

Direct Email to Customer from Tally

Friends,  Many tally users use email facility of tally Data from yahoo , gmail , rediff mail server.  They export web publishing file from tally and use it as attachment in email.   But they do not know that email can be sent through directly.  There is no need to open, or etc.  Simply open tally and ledger which you want to email.  Press Control+M for email.  Enter field as under if you have BSNL Broad Bank Connection.  
  • BSNL Internet Connection.
    • Email Server                             User Defined
    • Server Address               
    • Use SSL                                   No
    • From                                        Sender Name or Company Name
    • From E-mail Address               Your Internet Login ID  using
    • Authentication User Name        same as mentioned in From E-mail Address   
    • Password                                 password (by default if you have not changed)
    • Format                                     PDF (portable document format)
    • To E-mail Address                   email address of email receiver.
  • In case you use yahoo or gmail address and use internet connection of Reliance etc.  the above setting will be changed.   Server Address in such case is required while can be taken from Reliance help center. 

If you want to set default sender's email detail, then Press F12+M,  and set detail as required.  After that Direct e-mail sending from tally becomes more easy. 

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