Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lock / Safety of Tally Data

Friends,  It is general requirement to lock Back Dated Vouchers/data in Tally.  Two type of locking can be done with the tally data. 
  1. Particular Number of days for Back Dated Vouchers.
  2. Cut-of date  for Back Dated Vouchers.
How to Set 
       First of all set login ID in tally.  To set it Open company and Press Alt+F3  and select Alter.  Below screen will be appeared.  Use Security Control ?  =Yes and set Name of Administrator with Password. 

Secondly, Now open company while using  Name of User and Password  and select Security Control on pressing Alt+F3 from Gateway of Tally.  Choose Type of Security option from the below screen.

After selecting Types of Security below screen will be appeared to set finally Days or Cut-off Date for Back Dated vouchers.

With the help of above screen, user can set lock in Back Dated Vouchers as per his choice.  Either fix days or cut-off date for Back Dated Vouchers.

On successful setting,  user can not alter Back Dated  data which has been locked.  

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