Tuesday, March 22, 2011

National Conference and Exhibition on Technology Solutions for Rural Service Delivery

A two day National Conference and Exhibition on Technology Solutions for Rural Service Delivery is being held in New Delhi on 24-25th March 2011. National Informatics Centre (NIC) and National Informatics Centre Service Incorporation (NICSI) are organizing this Conference and Exhibition on technology solutions and their potential usage in development initiatives in Rural India. The Conference will focus on key areas like existing government and non- government initiatives, associated issues and challenges, technology solutions, hand held equipments and many other aspects related to service delivery.

The Conference will provide a platform of meaningful interaction among policy makers, practitioners, industry leaders and academicians to deliberate, interact and recommend an actionable strategy for good governance and to improve the standard of services rendered to the common man. The conference will help in understanding the existing scenario and challenges faced in Rural Services Delivery. It will provide policy making bodies a comprehensive understanding of solutions for the challenges encountered in last mile delivery, distribution network development and also opportunities will be created to help them in formulating new and better policies for desired results. 

Technology providers would be benefited, as this conference shall provide them with the platform to showcase their products/services to all the sections of the society from users till service providers. 

The most important aspect where the Conference will focus on is to spread awareness about various technology solutions that will be available in the market and whose benefits will be cherished by the end users. Spreading awareness will help departments and organisations to take measured and informed decisions about technology solutions available and whether it should reach to the people in the rural areas, which will upgrade their standard of living in the end. 

E-Governance is about applying modern information & communication technologies to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the government through it which can empower citizens by better information access & use. Government of India is placing a lot of emphasis to accelerate e-governance in all spheres to ensure that the services are been delivered to every citizen across diverse geographies and communities. The advent of internet and mobile communications has resulted in development of technologies and devices which presents an even bigger opportunity for the Governments to look at increasing access to information and services, especially at the last mile. 

There has been an exponential increase in the range of public services offered across several sectors like education, health, rural development, banking etc. But these benefits do not always reach the intended recipients in their entirety. The cumbersome processes and procedures of service delivery and channels of delivery are beyond the reach of the citizens at the last mile. For increasing penetration of these channels of service delivery it is important to augment the infrastructure through effective technologies. 

Many new technologies have emerged and most notable of these technologies is the hand held devices which can improve reach, enhancing information base, minimizing processing costs and increasing process transparency. If explored adequately and appropriately usage of these devices can provide vital ‘access’ to government’s information resources to rural poor and vice-versa, and enhance the last mile delivery to the rural citizen. 

The revolutionary potential of these technologies lies in their capacity to instantaneously connect vast networks of individuals and organizations across great geographic distances. As such, these technologies have been key enablers of development by facilitating flow of information, capital, ideas, people and products. A well defined focussed approach on using these technologies allows wider diffusion of benefits contributing to broad-based economic growth. 


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