Thursday, March 31, 2011

Solution of Printing Problem in Tally

Friends,  Yesterday I was surprised to know that a tally user was unable to print from Tally.  He has tried many times to get a print from tally but fail.  Initially I had told him to check the proper printer wire connection and confirm.   But surprise that there was no problem regarding connection of cable etc.  Then I take personal visit and found that  he is using Laser/Ink Jet Printer or Printer based upon USB.    The following screen solve such type of problem. 
On pressing Alt+P, Print Format is available in right hand side which can be viewed in above picture.  Types of Print Format is also given as under :-
  • Dot Matrix Format   (Printing goes on LPT)
  • Neat Mode.             (Printing goes on USB)
  • Quick /Draft             (Printing goes on LPT)
Finally, it was found that default setting of the said user was "Quick/Draft" in Tally  and as he pressed Alt+P for printing of  any report, all printing was  going on LPT whereas he had connected USB printer.   In last I have changed Print Format to Neat Mode and found that there was no problem in Printing from Tally. 

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