Monday, April 11, 2011

Form 16A PDF Generator

Friends,   After reading our previous post relating to Form 16A Through NSDL, there is major requirement of  Form 16A PDF Generator.   The persons who do not know regarding the use of  Form 16A PDF Generator, it is informed that  it is required for those who want to create From 16A through NSDL system.  After getting text file from NSDL on request for From 16A, Form 16A PDF Generator play  part as given below :-

Generate Form 16A PDF
  1.  To convert the text file into Form 16A PDF, download the Form 16A PDF Generator from the TIN website (available to registered TANs post login).
  2.  Pass all the text files (multi select all files) through the Form 16A PDF Generator (by selecting the browse option).
  3. Provide path for error and PDF files using the browse option of Form 16A PDF Generator.
  4. Manually enter the following fields in the Form 16A PDF Generator:
    a.       Place
    b.      Date
    c.       Full Name
    d.      Designation
    e.       Father Name
  5. Click on Generate PDF option on the utility.
  6. Individual Form 16A PDF will be available at the path selected at point no.3.

  7. Download link of  Form 16A PDF Generator  will be available Here after providing by NSDL.

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