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From 16A through NSDL

Friends,  You will be surprised to know that NSDL has now arranged to provide Form 16A on a request through login at TAN Account.  In case you have registered your TAN at, a request for Form 16A can be done (Link shown in below picture) for the Financial Year 2010-11 and onwards. Picture view after login is also given as under :-

" देर आये दरुस्त आये "

Guidelines :

  1. Fields marked with * are mandatory.
  2. Updated details (as per latest TDS statement) of any one statement filed for the financial year and quarter should be provided for verification.
  3. Verification details provided i.e. challan and deductee details (Question 1 and 2) should be of the same period (i.e. Financial Year and Quarter) for which Form 16A is requested. Example, if Form 16A is requested for Financial Year 2010-11, Quarter 1 then the details of TDS statement filed (Form 26Q or 27Q) for that period should be provided.
  4. Verification details provided i.e. challan and deductee details (Question 1 and 2) should be of the same statement. Example, if Form 26Q and 27Q both are filed for which Form 16A is required, then verification details of any one statement should be provided.
  5. For deductee details provide distinct combination of PAN of deductee and deducted amount.
  6. Valid PAN of deductee (PAN present in ITD PAN master) should be provided for verification else request will not be processed.
  7. Provide upto 3 deductee details.
  8. If distinct deductee detail record in the statement is less than 3 then provide available distinct combination of PAN of deductee and deducted amount.
After successful request, an email with attached zip file containing text files will be received by deductor. The  following type of email will be received. 

Subject :- Request for Form 16A   

Dear _____________________________________

Form 16A is attached as per request number: ____
TAN: ______________
Assessment Year: 201112
Quarter: Q3
Mail contains file: 1 of 1
Total no. of files: 1

In case of large number of transactions in a file, same has been further split into parts owing to restriction of mail size.

Naming convention of the attached file is as below:
TAN_AY_Quater_ Form_16A_Ref.
Examples of the file name is:
In case of single file:
in case of multiple file (for example 3 files):

To extract the contents of attached zip file please enter 12 digit TAN registration number.

Generate Form 16A PDF
  1.  To convert the text file into Form 16A PDF, download the Form 16A PDF Generator from the TIN website (available to registered TANs post login).
  2.  Pass all the text files (multi select all files) through the Form 16A PDF Generator (by selecting the browse option).
  3. Provide path for error and PDF files using the browse option of Form 16A PDF Generator.
  4. Manually enter the following fields in the Form 16A PDF Generator:
    a.       Place
    b.      Date
    c.       Full Name
    d.      Designation
    e.       Father Name
  5. Click on Generate PDF option on the utility.
  6. Individual Form 16A PDF will be available at the path selected at point no.3.

This is a system generated email. Please do not reply to this e-mail.
For any query related to the above you may contact TIN Call centre at
      Tel: 91-20-2721 8080.
      Fax: 91-20-2721 8081.
      Email ID:
On behalf of Tax Information Network of the Income Tax Department

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