Monday, April 4, 2011

Refunds of A.Y. 2010-11 by 10th April, 2011

From the desk of Chairman,CBDT
S.N. 32, Dated : April 3 ,2011

Issue of all refunds by April 10 2011

CIT wise details of AY10-11 paper refund Returns entered into the system but not processed is given herein below.

These lists, however, do not give the true and complete picture of pending refunds, as the Systems does not have any visibility of paper refund Returns not entered onto the system.

On the basis of the statistics available for earlier years, CBDT estimates the said paper refund Returns not entered onto the system so far at around 8 lacs, a large number of which pertain to Mumbai & Delhi. Today April 03 morning, CCITs (CCA) of Mumbai & Delhi have been sensitized by the Chairman personally about the need to issue all refunds by April 10 2011. All officers, especially those posted at Delhi & Mumbai, are once again advised to rise to the occasion & issue all refunds by this date.

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