Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest/New NSDL RPU 2.4

NSDL has now provided single RPU 2.4 for submission of e-tds/e-tcs returns for the Financial Year 2005-2006 and on wards.  Earlier there were two RPU's 2.2 and 2.3.  RPU 2.2 was creating fvu for the Financial Year 2010-2011 and RPU 2.3 was creating fvu files up to the Financial Year 2009-10.  Now, latest RPU 2.4 will create all fvu's from the Financial Year 2005-2006 onwards. 

Key Features of RPU 2.4 are given as under  :-
  • Preparation of regular and correction quarterly TDS/TCS statement from FY 2005-06 onwards.
  • Validate quarterly TDS/TCS statement (regular and correction) prepared with FVU version 2.130 till FY 2009-10 and with FVU version 3.2 from FY 2010-11 onwards.
  • Import of consolidated TDS/TCS file (from FY 2005-06) provided by TIN for preparation of correction statement.
  • Provision to report “Amount Deductible under section 80CCF” in Form 24Q-Q4 of F.Y. 2010-11 added in Annexure II of the return. 
  • Provision to report TDS transactions not exceeding / exceeding threshold limit in quarterly TDS statements (as per guidelines issued by Directorate of Income Tax – Systems). Such transactions can be reported with flag “Y” in the field “Reason for non deduction/ lower deduction/ higher deduction”. 

Download NSDL RPU 2.4 (Click Here)

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