Wednesday, April 4, 2012

e-TDS Return, T-FV-3104 Invalid By Book Entry /Cash

Friends, If you are getting following error messages on uploading of correction statement. The same message can be removed.  First of all read following messages :-
  • T-FV-4124 Value Must be 'SD' (capital letters)
  • T-FV-3043 Invalid Section /Collection Code
  • T-FV-3104 Invalid By Book Entry / Cash
The main reason of the above error is "New Validity of FVU "  applicable in NODAL Centers.  For example if NSDL RPU 2.7 are available, Regular/Correction  e-tds returns  can be created/uploaded with the help of RPU 2.7 but Latest RPU 2.8 is also available and Nodal Central has updated their systems for uploading fvu files created by Latest RPU 2.8.   For successful uploading of fvu  it is mandatory to create or generate fvu with the latest RPU 2.8.   Fvu generated with RPU 2.7 will not be accepted by Nodal Center. 

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