Friday, June 3, 2011

e-TDS Return, How to Remove Selected Items in NSDL RPU

Firends,  E-tds/e-tcs correction statement is a big issue now-a-days.  Correction is required in etds/etcs returns due to any problems like wrong challan detail, wrong pan number, wrong deductee information, wrong section code , wrong salary details in 24Q4.  First time correction in NSDL Software can be done through the original FVU generated by NSDL R.P.U.   But second time correction or more than one time correction can be done through the consolidated FVU which can be collected from NSDL after successful TAN Registration.   It is serious that some time while making correction statement in NSDL Software, we select  wrongly "Update", "Pan Update" or "Delete" in any field as shown in below picture and now we want to remove them which looks like impossible.  

In case you have wrongly selected Update,Pan Update or Delete and not changed any data relating to this row and want to remove  Update,Pan Update or Delete. 

To resolve such type of problem, copy two blank  columns of second row (as circled in below picture)  and paste on Update or Pan Update or Delete  which you want to remove , in this way wrong selection through Drop Down Menu can be removed.

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