Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Study Data of XML File

Friends,  XML file is used in online submission of Indian Income Tax Return.   After generation XML file ,  this file is required to upload for e-filing of Income Tax Return.  Due to any reason, if you want to read Data of XML  file, generally it is complicated to study XML file.  As we double click on xml file, it looks like as under :- 
In the above screen, there are many difficulty to study the xml file.  XML file can also be viewed in Microsoft Excel.  Right click on xml file and Open in Excel format. The following screen will be appeared and select as shown below :-
On selecting "As on XML table, the data will be shown as under which  can be easily read :-

In above screen there are 13 rows in excel,  but in your data there may be one or more than one rows which is depend upon your data. 

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