Monday, June 6, 2011

Tally- Problem due to "Auto Backup" facility

No doubt that the Auto Backup facility is excellent in Tally.ERP9.  It takes data backup in silent mode. Users are free regarding backup of Tally Data.  Just set ENABLE AUTO BACKUP to YES as shown in below picture. 

Gateway to Tally > Alt+F3 > Alter Company
Restore Command of Auto Backup = Control+Alt+K and Now Select Company with Date and Time for restoration.

Problem Due to Auto Backup
         If you are using Auto Backup facility in tally, there is chance that volume of your Tally Data may be increased in G.B.  Yes, not in M.B. but in G.B.   I had checked that my computer drive (c)  was showing short space in drive.  Then I try to trace the problem and found that My Tally Data Folder space size was 3G.B.   I was surprised to know that I had only done work for 2 months and data is showing 3G.B.   There were 20 auto back of my Company Data in a single file.   After that  I fixed "No" in Enable Auto Backup feature and removed old auto Backup Files.   Now my data volume was normal (only in 5 or 6  m.b. ). 

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