Saturday, June 25, 2011

Verification of TDS Certificate issued by Deductor/Collector

Friends,  NSDL has recently provided source of verification of  Form 16 or 16A.  In general it is found that deductor issues Form 16 or  Form 16A without mentioning e-TDS/e-TCS Acknowledgement Receipt Numbers or completing the full details required in format
         In the first attempt, to resolve such type of problems CBDT has circulated Circular No. 3/2011 Dated 13th May, 2011 mandatory  to issue Form 16A  prepared or generated by NSDL for companies and banks. For download complete circular (Click Here)
          Now, a good link has been provided by NSDL for deductees that the deductor has deducted or  has not deducted  his TDS or TCS. 
How to Know Deductor has deducted TDS or Not.
  • Financial Year :
  • Quarter :
  • TAN of Deductor :
  • PAN of Deductee :
  • Certificate Number :
  • Total Amount Deducted :
             With the help of this utility, a deductee can know that how many entries have been made by a dedcutor in a particular Quarter of the Financial Year.  Captured fields with this utility are given as under :-
  1. PAN   =   PAN of Deductee
  2. TAN   =   TAN of Deductor 
  3. Financial Year  = 1st April YYYY to 31st March YYYY
  4. Count of records present  = Numbers of entries made by Deductor
  5. Remarks(Whether Quarterly TDS/TCS Statement Filed)  = TDS return submitted or not. 
  6. Details Viewed on   =  Date and Time for opening this utility. 

Notes :
All fields are Mandatory.
    2.Count of records present: Signifies count of records present at TIN against TAN and Financial Year provided.
  View your Form 26AS online at TIN website to check if TDS/TCS credit (with booking status 'F') has been effected.
    3.Contact your deductor/collector if:
  • TDS/TCS credit is not present in your Form 26AS. This may be on account of inconsistency in quarterly TDS/TCS statement filed by respective deductor/collector.
  • TDS/TCS credit is present in your Form 26AS with booking status other than 'F'.
  • Incorrect credit is available in your Form 26AS.
    4.No Record found: Records for combination of PAN, TAN and Financial Year mentioned is not available at TIN.
    5.Possible reasons for record not found at TIN are:
  • Deductor/collector has not submitted quarterly TDS/TCS statement.
  • Deductor/collector either has not quoted your PAN or has quoted your PAN incorrectly.
  • You may also confirm your PAN available with the deductor/collector.
Register online to view your Form 26AS

Know your TDS or TCS deducted by Deductor  :-

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