Saturday, July 9, 2011

Latest/New Release of Excel Based Return Preparation Utility

Friends,  Latest /New releases of excel based Income Tax Return preparation utilities have been updated.  No doubt that the Version of all Income Tax Return forms like ITR-1 (SAHAJ),ITR-2,ITR-3,ITR-4, ITR-4 (SUGAM), ITR-5,ITR6 are same i.e. Version 1, but release of all forms have been changed/updated  resolving minor problems received  on day to day basis. 

We have also tried to place important links on a single page like as How to know Income Tax Ward/Circle , Know your Jurisdiction, Know your Pan, e-payments, Important Codes for e-filing, Income Tax Calculator, Due Dates of filing of Income Tax Returns, Login Page for e-filing of Income Tax Retun,Notification for Exemptions for filing of Income Tax Return having Income up to 5Lacs etc.

To download the Latest Releases for Assessment Year 2011-12 or earlier Click Here 

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