Saturday, July 9, 2011

Procedure to Request for FORM 16A

  1. Login to TAN Registration Account with user id, password and TAN.
  2. Request for Form 16A can be made for the TAN logged in only. One TAN cannot request for Form 16A of another TAN.
  3. On successful login, under menu ‘Form 16A’, select option ‘Form 16A File Request’.
  4. Clicking on aforementioned option, screen to provide following details will be displayed.
    • Financial Year and Quarter for which Form 16A required.
    • Details of challan/transfer voucher and deductee present in the TDS statement filed for the period for which Form 16A requested. This information is for verification purpose.
  5. Verification details:
    1. Login to TAN Registration Account with user ID, password and TAN
    2. If statements for Form 26Q and 27Q are filed for the period of request of Form 16A (example, request for F.Y. 2010-11, Q4), provide
      1. challan/transfer voucher and
      2. deductee details pertaining to any one statement.
      Example: if challan / transfer voucher details are provided for Form 26Q, deductee details also should be provided of Form 26Q only.
    3. Provide details of any one challan / transfer voucher present in the non salary TDS statement.
    4. Provide details of any three distinct deductee records (PAN and corresponding deducted amount) present in the non salary TDS statement, i.e. it is not required to mention deductee details which are associated to the challan / transfer voucher provided.
    5. If distinct deductee detail record in the statement is less than three then provide available distinct combination of PAN of deductee and corresponding deducted amount.
  6. Form 16A will be provided on successful verification.
  7. Option to request Form 16A for one PAN or all PANs is available.
  8. Two attempts within a day are provided to correctly answer the verification questions for statement required.
  9. In case of two unsuccessful attempts within a day for the same period (i.e. Financial and Quarter); request for such period can be placed only on next day.
  10. On successful verification, request number is generated. Form 16A is e-mailed to the user within 48 hours on the e-mail ID provided at the time of  TAN registration.
  11. Form 16A is provided in a text file. In case of large number of records in the Form 16A requested, the Form 16A is split in multiple files and emailed, owing to restriction of mail size at the user.
  12. In case Form 16A is split in multiple files then each file is sent by separate e-mail. File is password protected. To open the file, enter TAN registration number.
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