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IT : Filing appeals to ITAT - New Instructions Issued

INSTRUCTION NO. 08/2011 [F NO. 279/MISC./M- 43/2011-ITJ], DATED 11-8-2011
With a view to streamline the process of filing appeals to ITAT and in suppression of the existing Instructions on the subject in general, and Instruction No. 1274 dated 10-8-1979, Instruction No. 1353 dated 9-9-1980, Instruction No. 1387 dated 3-3-1981, Instruction No. 1493 dated 18-11-1982, Instruction No. 1570 dated 4-7-1984, Instruction No. 1894 dated 16-6-1992, and Instruction No. 1921 dated 23-1-1995, in particular, the following Instructions are issued herewith for compliance by all concerned:
Responsibility for Filing of Appeals to ITAT
2. Subject to the Instructions issued by the CBDT for the time being in force on monetary limits for filing appeals under section 268A, the jurisdictional CIT shall be the authority to decide whether to contest an order of the CIT(A), in the light of the facts and circumstances of a particular case and the statutory provisions. While taking decision in the matter, he shall, inter alia, take into consideration reports of the authorities below. Once the CIT communicates his decision to contest a particular order of CIT(A), it shall be the responsibility of the Range Head to ensure timely and proper filing of appeal in the ITAT and consequential follow up actions. The actual filing of appeal is to be ensured by the Assessing Officer (AO).
Time Lines for Filing of Appeals in ITAT under section 253 of the Act
3. Time lines, indicating clearly the responsibilities of each level involved in the process, for filing appeals to ITAT have been laid down in Annexure-I to this instruction for strict adherence by all concerned.
4. Appeal Effect and Scrutiny Report
   i.  On receipt of the order of the CIT(A), the AO shall give appeal effect promptly and properly. The Range Head shall monitor correctness and timely appeal effect in respect of orders of CIT(A).
  ii.  Any pendency in regard to the appeal effect beyond one month shall be reported by the Range Head to the CIT in the DO reporting monthly activities of the Range, along with reasons for the delay.
 iii.  With a view to provide relevant inputs to the decision making authority for filing appeals to ITAT, a format for scrutiny report is prescribed herewith at Annexure-II.
 iv.  In respect of appeals decided in favour of revenue, the AO shall submit only Part-I of the proforma in Annexure-II to the Range Head and there will be no need to fill in other parts of the proforma in such cases.
5. Quality of Appeals
   i.  The CsIT shall ensure that appeals to ITAT are filed only where there is proper justification. Orders of CIT(A) on factual issues should be accepted unless the findings are perverse.
  ii.  While giving comments / recommendations or taking decision to contest CIT(A)'s order, the officers concerned shall, inter alia, ensure that the following issues have been taken into consideration:
 (a)  Facts of the case and basis of addition / disallowance are clearly brought out.
 (b)  Reasons for granting relief by the CIT(A) on the relevant issues are clearly spelt out.
 (c)  The reasons as to why the CIT(A) was not justified in recording the findings of fact or law on each issue are clearly brought out. Evasive stand or ambiguous language is to be avoided.
 (d)  If any factual finding by CIT (A) is inconsistent with or contrary to the material on record, the relevant material should be clearly identified to show perversity.
 (e)  Cogent reasons for the decision to file appeal on relevant issues are properly and clearly recorded by the CIT, as this will constitute the basis for further litigation in appropriate cases.
 (f)  The grounds of appeal arising out of the order of CIT(A) are carefully drafted to clearly spell out the grievance of the department and the relief sought.
 (g)  In case of mixed question of facts and law, the grounds of appeal should clearly bring out specific legal and factual issues to be contested.
 (h)  The grounds are precise and not argumentative.
  iii.  Along with authorization memo under section 253(2) and grounds of appeal, the CIT shall send a copy of comments of Range Head and reasons for his own decision authorizing appeal to the AO for his record and guidance.
  iv.  In case appeal has not been authorized against adverse order of the CIT(A), the decision should be conveyed to the AO along with copy of scrutiny report containing reasons for acceptance.
6. Proper Judicial Record Management System
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