Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Limits and Bank Charges in State Bank of India.

Friends,  It has already been explained that preparation of DD through internet banking is just like free in SBI.  Not only Demand Draft State Bank of India provides many facilities to their customers through internet banking.  A view on bank charges charged by State Bank of India  is detailed given below :-
  • Charges/Limits shown below are subject to change and bank may change it without prior notice.
  • Per day limit includes standing instructions/ scheduled transactions fro the day as also the bank charges pertaining to the transactions, wherever applicable

                                          Min.Transaction        Max. Transaction                   Bank Charges
                                            Amount (Rs.)          Amount (Rs.) Per Day                     (Rs.)

Transfer to own accountRe 1/-10,00,000/-NIL
Creation of e - TDR/ e - STDR1,000/-10,00,000/-NIL
Creation of e - RD (Monthly instalment)100/-10,00,000/-NIL
Transfer to other account in SBIRe 1/-5,00,000/-NIL
Transfer to PPF (max 12 transactions per annum)500/-70,000/-NIL
State Bank Group Transfer (SBGRPT)Re 1/-5,00,000/-NIL
Inter Bank Transfer (NEFT)Re 1/-1,00,000/-Rs.5 per Transaction
Inter Bank Transfer (NEFT)Above Rs. 1,00,000/-2,00,000/-Rs.15 per Transaction
Inter Bank Transfer (NEFT)Above Rs. 2,00,000/-5,00,000/-Rs.25 per Transaction
Inter Bank Transfer (RTGS)Rs.2,00,000/-5,00,000/-Rs.25 per Transaction
Transfer through Credit Card (VISA) Bill payRe 1/-25,000/- Per Transaction(Per day Max. Rs.50,000/-)Rs.15 per Transaction
Draft IssueRe 1/-10,000/-NIL
Draft IssueAbove Rs.10,000/-1,00,000/-Rs. 50 per Transaction
Draft IssueAbove Rs. 1,00,000/-5,00,000/-Rs. 100 per Transaction
IRCTC TransactionsRe 1/-5,00,000/-Rs. 10 per Transaction
Merchant TransactionRe 1/-5,00,000/-NIL
i-collect ( wherever applicable)Re 1/-1,00,000/-Rs.10 per Transaction
i-collect ( wherever applicable)Above Rs. 1,00,000/-5,00,000/-Rs.20 per Transaction
Stop payment of chequesOne cheque leafNo limitRs. 50 per leaf (Max Rs. 200)
No. of active Gift Card at a time1 Card10 CardsWaived till 31-03-2012
Gift Card Topup500/-50,000/-NIL
Contribution to New Pension SystemFor Tier-1 : Rs 500
For Tier-2 : Rs 250
OLTAS (Income Tax etc.) and Service taxRe 1/-10 Lacs (Can be increased to
Rs. 2 Crore)
Other Taxes (State Govt. taxes, Customs Duty etc)Re 1/-10,00,000/-NIL
Bill paymentRe 1/-5,00,000/-NIL
IPO (Retail Investors)Re 1/-2,00,000/-NIL
IPO (HNI)Above 2,00,000/-1 CroreNIL
DMAT (Lien marking)Re 1/-1 CroreNIL
DonationRe 1/-5,00,000/-NIL

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