Thursday, September 22, 2011

Check Your PNB Account Balance, Urgent

I was surprised to read that Punjab National Bank has issued a Public Notice to close Bank Accounts having less than minimum balance.   There are some exemptions for those whose accounts were opened with condition Zero Balance.    Keeping in view, all the PNB customers are requested to check their accounts balance before 30.09.2011 so that their bank accounts may not be closed.   For more clarity, complete Public Notice issued by PNB is given as under :-

In the recent times, instances have come to our notice, where unscrupulous elements have misused “zero balance” accounts/dormant accounts without  any recent operations, to perpetrate frauds.  In order to obviate such recurrences the bank has taken a decision to close  those accounts which show balances below the minimum required balance as per bank’s rules & conditions.

All our customers are requested to ascertain the balance in their account(s) and in case it is below the minimum required balance, you may please ensure by 30.09.2011 that the balance is above the minimum requirement failing which your account will be closed without any further notice. For convenience of our account holders, the present requirement of minimum  balance is given below:

It may please be noted that account(s) with specific relaxations for Zero Balance (such as Pensioners, War Widows, Defence Personnel, Zero balance account opened under specific schemes etc.) are exempted from the above instructions. 

Your co-operation to avoid frauds will be highly appreciated.

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