Thursday, September 29, 2011

e-TDS Return, PANNOTVBL in e-TDS/e-TCS return

Friends,  It is general for all deductees that the e-tds/e-tcs return can be submitted under some conditions like PANNOTAVBL etc.  But deductor is not free after submission return with PANNOTAVBL.  Return submission with PANNOTAVBL is only  temporary solution for avoiding penalty from Income Tax Department  on account of Late Submission of e-TDS/e-TCS returns. 

                      Income Tax Department has not only  issued notice to deductors for correcting PAN numbers in their e-tds/e-tcs reutrn  but also issued SHOW CAUSE NOTICE for having PANNOTAVBL in their e-TDS/e-TCS returns. 

                       Keeping in view above position, every deductor should submit correction return if original return is submitted  with PANNOTAVBL. 

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