Friday, September 30, 2011


Keeping in view  Pan Number Errors in e-tds/e-tcs  return, some trick is required to aovid PAN errors in Quarterly TDS data.  If a person/deductor enter PAN numbers manually in TDS/TCS return data, there are lot of changes of errors.  Errors do not depend upon a particular person, but it is human.   Manual interaction in Data Entry generate such type of errors.

To avoid PAN Number errors in preparation of Quarterly Salary Data, a simple utility has been prepared in Microsoft Access named  TDS Salary. 
File Size 3.75 m.b. (Download )
Installation :-  Just download and use. 
How to Use : - Two tables    = Data and Employees
                         Two Forms   = Data Entry  and Employees                    
                         Two Queries = Refresh Data  File and Name Search

  • Base Data or Master Data of employees can be stored in Employees Table and Quarterly Data will be stored  in Data Table. 
  • To store Quarterly data , Data Table can be stored after pressing refresh Data File. 
  • Data entry can be done through both forms either from Data Entry Form or from Employees Form.  Vice versa links are available in both forms. 
  • Use  query  "Refresh Data File" after  adding new entry.   There will a meesage to ask
     "Are you sure you want to run this type of action query ?
    Form information on how to prevent this message from displaying every time you ran an action query,click help."
    Press Yes to Run and again Press Yes  to update Data file. 

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