Friday, October 28, 2011

How to Create a Batch File

                 Out of many ways of creation of batch file, there are some simple way to create a Batch File.  A user who had worked in DOS, knows very well what is Batch File and How it works in computers.  In simple word, A batch file stores multiple commands or executive files which runs step by step.  Now question arise how it generate. 

1.  Through Notepad, simple type commands and select "Save as Type" All Files and File Name with Extension code  .bat (as shown in below picture.  Batch file ready.

(to run, simply click on batch file, date will be display as given in commands available in batch file) On pressing above bat file, screen will be display as shown below :-

2. In the second way,  press start, type command in Run  or  in command mode. 
     to Create a bat file  type below words for commands and end while pressing Control+Z and enter as shown in below

            In this way batch creation is complete.     Generally this file or batch file is used for running software or exe file or Data Copy from one drive to another drive without any irritation  in mind. 

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