Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to Create PDF Files

With the help of  many softwares, PDF files can be easily created.   Some time we watch any webpage on internet and want to share with others or to store for its future use.   Then PDF file storage is best way to store online data available on web. 

PDF file creation without Software.
You will be surprised to hear that Google Chrome also provides this facility free.   Yes, a Google Chrome user  can create online PDF file while viewing any Web Page. 

How to set Chrome for PDF file:-
           In my view,  picture view is best way to teach instead of text.  Just click on tool, right hand side of Chrome as shown in below picture :-

Select Options and Press "Under the Hood" and check "Google cloud Print" as shown below :-
Here you can manage Google Cloud Print which will create PDF File without having any other software.  Now Press Control+P at any webpage, the following screen will be appeared, here you can select "Print  to PDF" as shown in below picture :-

Once fix the setting, it can be changed at any time.  I mean to say user can disable "Google Cloud Print"
I think it is easiest way to generate PDF File

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