Wednesday, October 12, 2011

e-TDS Return -Submit TDS/TCS return in time.

Friends,  15th October, 2011 is very much near.   If you have not submitted your Tds/Tcs return for the second quarter till date, submit your return in time and avoid from penalty of Rs. 100/- per day after due date.   NSDL provides free Tds/Tcs Return software.  Latest software for preparation return is available here (click Here).  Some time back there were two utilities for preparing Tds/Tcs Regular or Correction returns, but now a single utility prepare Regular or Correction statement.   Correction return can only be submitted only through consolidated Fvu file.   Consolidated fvu file can be collected after Tan Registration at    On,  form 16A software is also available which can be downloaded and can be generated form 16A from .txt file.    All etds/tcs process is simple and easy.   I once again request to submit your Tds/Tcs return in time. 

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