Sunday, October 2, 2011

e-TDS Return, TDS Non-Salary Software (26Q Data Storage for e-tds Return)

             To protect  PAN Numbers in Salary Data, Access based utility has already been provided.  Now,  TDS Non-Salary utility/Software is ready for use.  In General view, All Section alongwith Section Codes have been included in this utility in the interest of User.  There is many Section which are not in General Use.  User can delete them from Section Table and keep only those Sections whose he want to use.  It makes easy selection during Data Entry.  Refresh Data File Query is automatically run after Each new entry.  In case user Select Yes button on saving each entry there is no need to run later query named "Refresh Data File"

              Installation and procedure is quite same as was in TDS Salary software. (to know click here)

Download Software (Click Here) TDS Non-Salary (Micro Soft Access based)
Download Software (Click Here) TDS Salary (Micro Soft Access based)
(On getting response from user side, utility will be updated time to time)

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