Thursday, November 24, 2011

Corporate Salary Package in State Bank of India

Friends, Do you know that State Bank of India has a Corporate Salary Package vide which too many benefits are available.  This scheme is applicable in corporates, institutions and organizations  having minimum 25 employees and others mentioned below.    In the interest of employee, there is no charges for ATM card, Minimum Balance, Multi-city cheques alongwith too many free facility.  Secondly overdraft facility of 2 months salary with repayment within 6 months is also available in this scheme.  To get complete detail regarding Corporate Salary Scheme in State Bank of India,  go through with below detail provided by Bank. 

This package offers many concessions in service charges, interest rates on loans, etc. to employees of Corporates and Institutions which include Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government establishments/ organizations, Service organizations such as Hospitals, Hotels, Transport Corporations etc. The Package can be specially customized depending upon the business relationship that the Corporate / Institute has with the Bank. 

  • Minimum 25 Employees
  • Minimum Gross Monthly income Rs 5000/-
  • Minimum monthly salary payout of Rs. 1,25,000/- for the employer
  • Available in four variants if Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum depending on the monthly income of employees 

Benefits to the Employer
  • Provides a convenient way to manage salaries across a large number of centers through Core Power and the Bank's award winning Corporate Internet Banking
  • Reduces employer's paper work and salary administration cost. No charges for uploading of salaries 
  • Employees receive instant credit of salaries 

Benefits to Employees
  • Employees will enjoy convenience of Anywhere Banking at the largest network of more than 13000 Core Banking Branches
  • Extensive alternative channels. 21000 plus ATMs of State Bank Group Free Internet Banking, Mobile Banking

Complete gamut of Banking Services including:-
  • Zero Balance Account facility with no charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance
  • Free unlimited withdrawal from SBI ATMs subject to daily caps
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance Cover to International Gold ATM Card Holders of Gold and Diamond accounts and International Platinum ATM Card Holders of Platinum accounts
  • Retain same account number even when the account is transferred to another branch
  • Free personalized Multi City Cheques and free personalized Ordinary Cheque Books
  • Free Mobile Banking including free transfer of funds up to Rs. 50,000/-
  • Free SMS Alerts/ e- Statements/ Internet Banking
  • Easy overdraft up to 2 months salary repayable within 6 months
  • RTGS/NEFT, Demat facility, Systematic Investment Plan in Mutual funds.
  • Concession in interest on Home loans and Auto Loans
  • Concession in Processing Fee and Margin on retail 

  • Waiver of Demat Account opening charges
  • Concession on purchase of Gold Coins
  • Range of other value added benefits
  • Free Core Power: Anywhere Banking facility with the widest network of more than 13,000 branches, This includes free transfer of funds between SBI branches, free updating of pass-books at any branch, etc.

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