Thursday, November 3, 2011

e-Tds Return, How to make Correction or Revision of TDS Return

        Presently, there is a single solution for submitting e-tds/e-tcs return which is Consolidated FVU File.   Yes, without consolidated fvu file , correction or revision in e-tds or e-tcs return can not be done.   Consolidated FVU file can be collected by deductor after successful Registration of TAN.  To register TAN number at,  the following items are required :-

  • Complete Challan Detail of  one  TDS Payment.
  • Acknowledgement Receipt of e-tds return submitted.
  • Total Amount of Paid/Credited in Receipt above Receipt Number.
  • PAO codes (if any)
  • Mobile Number 
  • Email Address
     After successful registration, through request, consolidated file can be received. and than correction e-tds Return can be prepared and uploaded.  Presently, NSDL RPU 2.5 version creates Regular or Correction e-tds or e-tcs return.  There is no cost for collecting this software.   The above utility can be downloaded from here (click Here/ Download RPU 2.5 )

    Now, at the time of preparation of Correction e-tds returns, some questions arise like as under:

  • Can I update Challan.
  • Can I delete Challan.
  • Can I add Challan.
  • Can i update Deductee Details.
  • Can I delete a deductee record.
  • Can I update TAN number of Deductor.
  • Can I update Salary Record in 24Q.
  • Can I delete Salary Record in 24Q.
Challan Corrections 
  • Before "Booked or Booked Provisionally" challan, challan can be updated.   However, regarding deletion of challan, challan can not be deleted.  Excellent thing is that now consolidated file also help that in case booked or booked provisionally challan, file do not allow to change amount of challan. 
Deductee Correction
  • Deductee Record mentioned in Annexure-1, can be updated at any time.  Regarding deletion of deductee record, record can be deleted. 
TAN Correction
  • TAN number can be updated, in case submission of wrong TAN number.  Keep in mind that when we update TAN number, other correction can not be done. 
Salary Record Correction
  • In case salary Record, only PAN number can be updated.  Regarding deletion of Record or Modification in record,  deletion of record can be done and modification can be done through deletion and addition of record. 

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