Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to know Status of e-tds/e-tcs Return Uploaded or Not.

Friends,  Sometime we forget that the e-tds/e-tcs return for a particular quarter has been uploaded or not.   The best way  to confirm the status of uploaded e-tds/e-tcs return is the Provisional Acknowledgement Receipt Number.   In case you do not found the Provisional Acknowledgment Receipt Number for the return in question  then it is difficult but not impossible.  With the following link, Status of uploaded return can be checked by deductor.  There is no need of any Certificate Number or Registration or Sign Up etc.  Just fill some information regarding the return in question and get confirmation of uploading whether it is uploaded or not. 

PAN View   (Click Here)
After pressing above link, the following screen will be appeared. 

First of all, it is sure that return status can be checked with the above link only for the financial year 2005-06 and onwards.   You have to  fill PAN of Deductee, TAN of Deductor ,Financial Year, Quarter, Type of Return (24Q or 26Q) and Enter Text as Seen in Image (Case Sensitive.)

In this way, if status shows with data, then it is confirm that you have already uploaded e-tds/e-tcs return for the particular quarter for the Financial Year you have selected subject to PAN numbers are correct in e-tds/e-tcs quarterly return.

Second, alternate is that Form 26AS of the Deductee PAN Number for which you want to check status for uploading of e-tds/e-tcs return.  If data of concerned quarter is available in 26AS, then TDS/TCS return is already uploaded subject to PAN Numbers are correct in quarterly return.

Last option is that NODAL Center where you upload your returns generally.   Their systems can also confirm that e-tds/e-tcs return is already uploaded or not.

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