Friday, December 9, 2011

Traffic Rules, How to Drive Motor Vehicle, Signs for Road Traffic,Tips for Road Tip

Friends,  Recently my friend has added Car Driving in his License.   For this, first of all , he has to apply Learner License having Motor Cycle or Scooter license.  Some time back addition of Car Driving was possible in running license, but now fresh Learner License will be issued for LMV.   Secondly a mandatory training is being given to each driver before issuing LMV Learner License.   Name of Training Center is that "The Institute of Driving & Traffic Research (Haryana) managed by Maruti Suzuki India.  The center charge Rs. 100/- for each person against Training.  In case any person do not pass theory examination managed by the Institute,  he has to re-attend the class and pass the examination managed by institute.  

          I want to share with that the thought of Institute is excellent.  After taking such class managed by the institute, everone feels that it should be implemented earlier.   The institute teaches the following steps in their classes . 
  • Traffic Basic Rules of Road.
  • Traffic Signals.
  • Mandatory or Regulatory Signs.
  • Cautionary or Warning or Precautionary Signs.
  • Informative Signs.
  • Hand Signals by Policeman.
  • Hand Signals by Drivers.
  • Road Marking Signs. 
  • Road Marking and Pavement Marking.
The above training not only makes Safe Life but also  protects the life of others.
Mandatory Signs

Warning Signs

 Informatory Signs
Hand Signals by Drivers (Click Here)
Hand Signals by Policeman (Click Here)

 I think the above signs are very much helpful for successful driving and the balance signals will be provided to you at the earliest for making easy motor driving.

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