Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Convert .docx to .doc

How to open a file having extension code  .docx in word.   No doubt that the file having extension code .docx relates to Microsoft Office, but it generates only in Office 2007 or Later.  In case you have installed Office 2003 in your computer you can not save any word document with extension code .docx.  You can save only file with extension code .doc.   

Many times we feel that a file in word has been received by us, but we are unable to open the same file in Microsoft Office.   There may be 99% chance that you are facing .docx or .doc extension problem.   Picture view of the files icon are given as under :-
How to check Extension Code:-
                 A person who has less knowledge regarding computer may face problem regarding extension code of the file.   There are two ways to check the file extension code :-

  1. Simply, check property of the file through right click on the file. 

2.  In Windows XP, open My Computer, Tools, Folder Option, View,  Un-check "Hide Extension codes of the File" , Apply and press ok.    Now extension codes of the files can be viewed normally.

Steps to Free Convert online File Extension form .docx to .doc

  1. Click below link.
  2. Use "Browse" button  and select file which you want to convert.
  3. Use  "Download" button to get the converted file. 

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