Tuesday, January 31, 2012

e-tds/e-tcs NSDL RPU in Windows 7


Friends,  If your operating system is Windows 7 in you desktop or laptop and want to run NSDL e-tds/e-tcs  Return Preparation Utility (R.P.U.).  In general, after installation/setup of software, it does not work in Windows 7, whereas  there is no difficulty in Windows XP etc. 

Don't worry, running of  e-tds/e-tcs NSDL RPU works in Windows 7 but installation requires some knowledge.  Simply right click on setup file and use "Run as Administrator" (as shown in below picture) and install.  After that NSDL RPU works normally. 

Second Trick to install the NSDL RPU having Administrator rights
Follow below steps :-
  • You must have Administrator rights
  • Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Click on "Change User Account Control Settings"
  • Set to "Never Notify"
  • Now re-install your software and you will be able to install successfully..
In case you have any query regarding NSDL e-tds/e-tcs RPU, you may ask through Comment on this post using "Post a New Comment " link. We will try to resolve your query if possible.  

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