Thursday, January 19, 2012

House/Home Loan Interest Certificate

Nowadays, .Salaried persons are busy in computing their salary for the Financial Year 2011-12, so that proper tax deduction can be done from their salary.   In case deductor deduct excess TDS from the salary of any employee, the excess deducted amount will be received by employee after a time gap. 

Keeping in view these things, State Bank of India has started a facility to their customers/borrowers to provide a "Provisional Home Loan Interest Certificate".   This certificate directly effect the taxable salary amount with some limitations/conditions.  Just Login In Personal Banking internet account with State Bank of India at and select the Provisional Home Loan Int. Certicate Link under Enquiries  tab.   Interest loan provisional certificate can be printed or  downloaded in PDF format.  Picture view of the said link is given as under :-

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