Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Convert File Extension .XLSx to . XLS (ONLINE)

At any time or at any place, conversion from .xlss to .xls can be required.  Sometimes we feel that someone has sent us a excel based file but we are unable to open it.  Out of different reasons, there may be a reason that you have Microsoft Office 2003 in your computer or received excel based file relates to Microsoft Office 2007.   In such position, it is difficult to arrange immediately Office 2007.

Solution of such problem is that  online file conversion utility can be used. Simply choose a Local File (which you want to convert) while using Browse button.  After that select input format and output format and then press convert.  Now, you will be surprised that file can be opened after conversion. 

Online change file extension from .xlsx to .xls (Click Here)

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