Friday, January 20, 2012

L&T Infra -Tax Saving Bonds

Now, L&T has issued infrastructural bond for those who want to save more than Rs 1,00,000.  With the help of such type of bonds, income tax assessee can save extra benefit of saving of Rs. 20,000.00 under section 80CCF. Credit rating of L&T is CARE AA [ICRA] AA+.

 Opening Date of issue is 10th January, 2012
 Closing   Date of issue is 11th, February, 2012

The following KYC Documents are required for submission of L&T Infra Bonds 2012A series. 
  1. Proof of identification for individuals, the following documents are accepted as proof for individuals:
    * Passport
    * Voter's ID
    * Driving Licence
    * Government ID Card
    * Defence ID Card
    * Photo PAN Card
    * Photo Ration Card
  2. Proof of residential address; the following following documents are accepted as proof of residential address:
    * Passport
    * Voter's ID
    * Driving License
    * Ration Card
    * Society Outgoing Bill
    * Life Insurance Policy
    * Electricity Bill
    * Telephone (Land/Mobile) Bill.
  3.  Copy of the PAN card. 
Download Form (click here)

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