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Online CPT Registration is available for Exam Held on 17-06-2012

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
[Set up under an Act of Parliament]
Post Box No.7112, ICAI BHAWAN,  Indraprastha Marg
New Delhi – 110002
9th February, 2012
          No.13-CA (EXAM)/CPT/ June/2012: In pursuance of Regulation 22 of the Chartered Accountants
Regulations, 1988, the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to notify that the
Common Proficiency Test (Paper- Pencil Mode) will be held on Sunday, 17th June, 2012 in two sessions as below, at the following centres provided that sufficient number of candidates offer themselves to appear from each centre.

[This Common Proficiency Test will be conducted as per provisions of Regulation 25 D (3) of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 and the syllabus as published in the pages 291-293 of the Journal ‘The Chartered Accountant’ August 2006 issue and pages 12-13 of Chartered Accountants Students’ News letter August 2006 issue.]

First Session
(i.e. Morning Session)
10.30 AM to 12.30 PM (IST)
Section - A Fundamentals of Accounting
Section - B Mercantile Laws

Second Session
(i.e. Afternoon Session)
2.00 PM to 4.00 PM (IST)
Section - C General Economics
Section - D Quantitative Aptitude

1 AGRA                          47 GORAKHPUR           93 PANVEL
2 AHMEDABAD            48 GUNTUR                    94 PATNA
3 AHMEDNAGAR          49 GURGAON                95 PATIALA
4 AJMER                         50 GUWAHATI              96 PIMPRI-CHINCHWAD
5 AKOLA                        51 GWALIOR                 97 PONDICHERRY
6 ALAPPUZHA               52 HISAR                        98 PUNE
7 ALIGARH                     53 HUBLI                        99 RAIPUR
8 ALLAHABAD               54 HYDERABAD           100 RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM
9 ALWAR                        55 INDORE                     101 RAJKOT
10 AMBALA                   56 JABALPUR                 102 RANCHI
11 AMRAVATI               57 JAIPUR                       103 RATLAM
12 AMRITSAR                58 JALANDHAR             104 REWARI
13 ANAND                      59 JALGAON                  105 ROHTAK
14 ASANSOL                  60 JAMMU                      106 ROURKELA
15 AURANGABAD         61 JAMNAGAR               107 SAHARANPUR
16 BANGALORE            62 JAMSHEDPUR            108 SALEM
17 BAREILLY                 63 JODHPUR                    109 SAMBALPUR
18 BATHINDA               64 KANPUR                      110 SANGLI
19 BEAWAR                  65 KARNAL                       111 SATARA
20 BELGAUM                66 KISHANGARH             112 SHIMLA
21 BELLARY                 67 KOLLAM                       113 SIKAR
22 BERHAMPORE        68 KOLHAPUR                   114 SILIGURI
23 BHAGALPUR           69 KOLKATA                     115 SIRSA
24 BHARAUCH            70 KOTA                              116 SOLAPUR
25 BHAVNAGAR         71 KOTTAYAM                   117 SONEPAT
26 BHILWARA             72 KOZHIKODE                  118 SRI GANGANAGAR
27 BHOPAL                  73 KUMBAKONAM            119 SURAT
28 BHUBANESWAR    74 LATUR                             120 THANE
29 BHUJ                        75 LUCKNOW                     121 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM
30 BIKANER                 76 LUDHIANA                     122 THRISSUR
31 BILASPUR               77 MADURAI                        123 TINSUKIA
32 CHANDIGARH       78 MANGALORE                  124 TIRUCHIRAPALLI
33 CHENNAI                79 MATHURA                       125 TIRUPATI
34 COIMBATORE        80 MEERUT                          126 TIRUPUR
35 CUTTACK               81 MORADABAD                 127 TUTICORIN
36 DEHRADUN            82 MUMBAI                          128 UDAIPUR
38 DHANBAD               84 MYSORE                          130 UJJAIN
39 DUNDLOD               85 NAGPUR                           131 VADODARA
40 DURG                       86 NANDED                           132 VAPI
41 ERNAKULAM         87 NASHIK                            133 VARANASI
42 ERODE                     88 NELLORE                          134 VELLORE
43 FARIDABAD           89 NOIDA                               135 VIJAYAWADA
44 GANDHIDHAM      90 PALGHAT                          136 VISAKHAPATNAM
45 GHAZIABAD          91 PALI MARWAR                 137 YAMUNA NAGAR
46 GOA                        92 PANIPAT
Overseas Centres :- (1) ABU DHABI    (2) DUBAI (3) BAHRAIN (4) DOHA  (5) KATHMANDU
             The Council reserves the right to withdraw any centre at any stage without assigning any reason.

Applications for admission to Common Proficiency Test is required to be made in the relevant prescribed form as contained in the Information Brochure, which may be obtained from the Additional Secretary (Examinations), The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI Bhawan, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110 002 on payment of Rs. 1000/- (Rs.500/- towards examination fee and Rs. 500/- towards cost of application form and Information brochure) per application form. The fee for candidates opting for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha and Bahrain centres will be US $160 (US $ 150 towards examination fee and US $ 10 towards cost of application form and information brochure) or its equivalent Indian Currency. The fee for the candidates opting for Kathmandu centre are required to remit INR.1350/-(INR 850/- towards examination fee and INR 500/- towards the cost of application form and information brochure) or its equivalent foreign Currency. Since the cost of Information brochure containing Common Proficiency Test application form includes the examination fee, no separate fee is required to be remitted at the time of submitting the filled in application form. The Information brochure containing Common Proficiency Test application form will also be available in the Regional and Branch Offices of the Institute and can be obtained there from on cash payment on or from 4 th April, 2012. 

           Common Proficiency Test application forms duly filled in may be sent so as to reach the Additional Secretary (Examinations) at New Delhi not later than 25 th April, 2012. Applications received after 25 th April, 2012 shall not be entertained under any circumstances. Applications duly filled in will be received by hand delivery at the offices of Institute at New Delhi and at the Decentralised Offices of the Institute at Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Pune upto 25 th April, 2012.  Candidates residing in these cities are advised to take advantage of this facility. It may be noted that there is no provision for acceptance of application forms after 25 th  April, 2012 with late fee. 

             The candidates who fill up the examination application form online at http://icaiexam.icai.org from th April, 2012 (10.00 hrs) to 25 th April, 2012 (17.30 hrs) and remit the fee online by using either VISA or MASTER Credit/ Debit Card shall not be charged Rs. 500/- (i.e. cost of application form fee) in order to popularize filling-in of application form online.
Common Proficiency Test (CPT) is open only to those students who are already registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the said course on or before 4 th April, 2012 and fulfill the requisite eligibility conditions.

           Common Proficiency Test will be an objective type multiple choice questions based examination. Candidates will be allowed to opt for Hindi medium Question Paper Booklet for answering the questions. Detailed information will be found given in the Information brochure.

Online Registration LInk for  CPT Students  (Click Here)

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