Monday, April 23, 2012

e-TDS/e-TCS:-Paid by Book Entry or Otherwise

Friends,  It is too much important to read for all e-filers that what is to be selected in Annexure of NSDL RPU as Paid by Book Entry or Otherwise.    Lot of persons are submitting TDS/TCS return without having knowledge of column in NSDL RPU named "Paid by Book Entry or Otherwise" and income tax department is issuing demand for this reason.

What is to be selected BOOK ENTRY or OTHERWISE.

        If payment to the parties (on which TDS has been deducted) has been made actually i.e. by cash, cheque, demand draft or any other acceptable mode, then "Otherwise" has to be mentioned in the specified field.   But if payment has not been actually made and merely a provision has been made on the last date of the accounting year, then the option "Paid by Book Entry" has to be selected. 

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