Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SAHAJ ITR-1- What is New in ITR-1 SAHAJ RPU in Assessement Year 2012-13

Friends,  As Income Tax Department has issued excel based New ITR forms for submission of online income tax returns for the Assessment Year 2012-13.  Still all forms have not been published for online submission of Income Tax Return, but form no's  ITR-1 (SAHAJ), ITR-2, ITR-3 and  ITR-4S (SUGAM) have been released. 

              Some new columns have been inserted in NEW Return Preparation Utility.  The detail for the same is given below :-
  1. Description in "Return filed under section (Pl. see Form Instruction]"
    11- BeforeDueDt (139(4)
    12- AfterDueDt 139(4)
    13- u/s 142(1)
    14- u/s 148
    15- u/s 153A
    16- u/s 153C r/w 153A
    17- Revised 139(5)
    18- u/s 139(9)
                                In above it is too much good that a person who have less knowledge regarding income tax sections, do not need to go anywhere for selecting proper code for submitting his income tax return.  He can easily select Before Due Date, After Due Date or Revised Return.   This style of description with codes is excellent presentation in Income Tax Return.
  2. If u/s 139(9)- defective return, enter Original Ack No. 
  3. If u/s 139(9)- defective return, enter Notice No. 
  4. if u/s 139(9)- defective return, enter Notice Date
  5. Tax Status
    a) Tax Refundable
    b) Tax Payable
    c) Nil Tax Return
  6. Unique TDS Certificate No. (Still it is not mandatory, but required.  It is available on Form 16 or 16A generated by NSDL or Receipt No. (to be quoted on TDS certificate) mentioned in receipt of TDS Return in Last of row starting with Token No.

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