Monday, June 25, 2012

e-File Income Tax Return through State Bank of India

           To make more easy e-filing of Income Tax Return.  State Bank of India has tied up with  to provide e-filing facility to our customers at preferential rates, with a host of services bundled together. 

Benefits of the offer are given below :-
  • Ensures confidentially of data on a secured technology platform. 
  • It is easy and convenient. 
  • Provides online guidance and faster processing.
  • e-filing process through Tax Spanner, a Govt Approved e-intermediary.
  • Offers seamless process enabling faster refunds.
  • Avaiable at attractive rates exclusively for SBI customers. 
There are two tyes of e-files. 
  1. SBI Salary e-file
  2. SBI Business e-file. 
State Bank of India Salary e-file
SBI eFile (Silver)
Introductory price:  150 only (inclusive of taxes)
MRP: 249
The standard plan is for salaried individuals who are interested in self-preparing and e-filing tax returns. With SBI eFile(Silver) you can file your ITR1 or ITR2 within a short span through authorized e-Return Intermediary. The application allows you to add income from multiple sources, other than salary, like, house property, capital gains etc. Then, depending on your sources of income, our system will automatically generate the correct ITR form for you. If your Form 16 has all the details and you have no additional details to report, simply click here to file your return via email.
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SBI eFile (Gold)
Introductory price:  250 only (inclusive of taxes)
MRP: 449
Salary eFile (Gold) introduces the facility of a 'real' income tax practitioner to review your I-T return. This is an added feature along with all the benefits that SBI eFile (Silver) offers.
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SBI eFile (Platinum)
Introductory price:  500 only (inclusive of taxes)
MRP: 749
Apart from offering assistance in creation and review of Income Tax Return (ITR) by a 'real' tax professional, SBI eFile (Platinum) also offers a TaxVault where you can keep your tax related documents safe. It also has an add-on feature that allows tracking of your refunds and tax assessment order.
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State Bank of India Business e-file
SBI eFile (Gold)
Introductory price:  999 only (inclusive of taxes)
MRP: 1499
SBI eFile (Gold) is for those professional and business people,  who are not just interested in self-preparing and e-filing of tax returns, but would also like the assistance of a tax professional to enter their data and review it for them.
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SBI eFile (Platinum)
Introductory price:  1499 only (inclusive of taxes)
MRP: 2499
SBI eFile (Platinum) has all the benefits of SBI eFile (Gold) and it comes with a taxvault - a secure online space to archive your tax and accounting documents. Another add-on feature of this package is tracking of your refunds and tax assessment order.
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