Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Income Tax- How can I generate XML file for uploading of my return ?

Friends,   If you are going to submit your Income Tax Return yourself.  It is easy.  Simply create registration on website of Income Tax with your PAN and download the Return Preparation Utility like ITR-1 (SAHAJ), ITR-2, ITR-3 etc. and enter your data in excel based  RPU (Return Prepration Utility) forms.  

              If your data is complete, then XML file is required to upload your Income Tax Return.   First of all you should save your excel based RPU or ITR-1(SAHAJ) or ITR-2 etc.  Now press Generate button as shown in below picture to generate XML File. 
 If your data is correct or  all sheets of RPU are validated properly, then the below screen will be appeared.  It means now you can save XML file.   
Keep in mind there is no choice to store XML file in desired location,  XML file automatically stores in a location/folder where your RPU or Excel Based original file  is available. 

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