Monday, July 2, 2012

e-TDS- Who can avail Lower Rate/Non Deduction Certificate from Assessing Officer.

Can AO's certificate for deduction at lower rate or non-deduction be obtained ?

         Sometime it is felt that TDS rate deducted by deductor is higher.  Deductee gets refund of the same each and every year.  To make it convenient,  there is a facility to get a certificate of Lower Rate or Non- Deduction from the Assessing Authority.  Before issue this certificate,  Assessing Officers keeps all aspects regarding issue of such certificate. 

        Certificate can be issued , if application is made in Form No. 13.  Appropriate certificate may be issued by Assessing Officer, if necessary.  W.e.f.  01-04-2010,  No certificate under section 197 shall be granted unless the application made under this section contains the permanent account number of the applicant. 

             Application by a person for a certificate under section 197 and/or 206C(9) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, for no deduction/collection of tax or deduction of tax at a lower rate

Form No. 13 (Click Here)

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