Friday, August 31, 2012

Income Tax :- How to recover e-filing Password

              It is genuine problem that e-filing password has been forgotten to file Income Tax Return.   In past there were two sources to recover the password.  One was  acknowledgement number of any ITR-V of any  Assessement Year and second was answer of Security Question.   But now a good solution has been added.   With the help of PAN detail, recovery of password is also possible.  The following questions are been asked to recover password through PAN Detail. 

  1. First, Middle and Last Name of Assessee.
  2. Date of Birth 
  3. Father's First, Middle and Last Name. 
  4. Code as shown in above picture. 
 Your password will be sent to your registered email id  means email id used at the first time registration for e-filing of Income Tax return. 

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