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Know Your PAN, How to Verify Name through PAN, How to Know PAN through Name

Friends,   PAN (Permanent Account Number) is useful instrument for opening Bank Account, Registry of any Property  or submit Income Tax Return etc.  It contains 10 digits alpha+numeric.  First 5 digits relates to character and next 4 digit relates to Numeric and last 1 digit relates to character. 

             In the absence of PAN higher Tax Rate is charged.  Therefore PAN is important in all ways. 

Know Your PAN
            With the help of  Name and Date of Birth, PAN number can be traced.  To trace PAN number use the following fields. 

To check Your PAN (Click Here
It is easy in use.  If middle name and surname is not available, Use First Name as surname as indicated above. 

How to Verify PAN Name  through PAN
                 1)  Easiest way to trace Name of the Pan is  given as under . There is no need to enter different fields like State, Pin code, Tax applicable , Captcha etc. Just enter your Pan Number and know Name as per Pan Data available with Income Tax Department.

                                                       To check Name as per  PAN (Click Here
              2)  With the help of e-payment of Income Tax , Name of Pan Number can be verified. Click on below picture or link and verify your name as per data of Income Tax Department.

                                                       To check Name as per  PAN (Click Here

How to Verify PAN Number  through Name
                  If you want to know PAN through Name it is difficult to search Pan number through Name without having Date of Birth.  But in case, TAN number is allotted for the said Pan for which we want to know Name of the Pan.   It can be searched through Know Your TAN

                                                   To check PAN Number through Name  (Click Here
                                                   (finding result is 50-50 means can be found or not)

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