Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bank:-Separate Net Banking Kit for Joint Account Holders


                Before  today, I was not aware about that separate internet kits for separate users of Joint account holders can be availed from bank which I want to share with you.   I mean to say i was using a single internet kit on Joint Account with State Bank of Patiala vide which debit to only first name was allowed.  In the second word,  I had no power to debit second name.   In general accounting there may be no effect of debit to first name or debit to second name, but in case of e-FDR or deposit it effects due to separate PAN numbers of first name or second name.  

                    In last customer care of  State Bank of Patiala has directed to bank officials to issue separate internet banking kit on CIF of second name and got success which i want.  Now I have an  Joint account which contains three name i.e.  my daughter, myself or wife and have three internet kit to debit a single account. 

Benefit of Multiple Kits on Single Saving Account

1.  No need to maintain Separate Saving Accounts.  
2.  No need to maintain Separate Minimum Balances in Joint Account. 

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