Monday, September 17, 2012

e-TDS :- Format for Correction in Tan, Assessment Year, Major/Minor Code, Nature of Payment, Amount

          It is human error to make mistake while depositing any TDS/TCS amount in bank, but difficult to correct the error.  Income Tax Department has given 7 days to correct their errors through bank from the date of deposit of TDS/TCS.   The specified format of application for correction in Challan is also given by Income Tax Department which has been given as under :- 

Format of application to bank for challan correction to be requested by the taxpayer


The Branch Manager,
----------------------------  (Address of Branch)
Taxpayer Details:-

Taxpayer Name :
Taxpayer Address :
Taxpayer TAN/PAN :
Name of Authorized Signatory : (in case of non-individual taxpayer)
Sub : Request for Correction in Challan No: 280/281/282/283 [Strike out which ever is not applicable]
I request you to make corrections in the challan data as per following details Challan Details:

BSR Code
Challan Tender Date (Cash/Cheque Deposit Date)
Challan Sl. No.

Sl. No.
Fields in which correction required
Please Tick
Original Details
Modified Details
TAN/PAN (10 digit)

Assessment Year (YYYY)

Major Head code (4 digit)

Minor Head code (3 digit)

Nature of Payment (3 digit)

Total Amount (13 digit)

Note: Please tick against the relevant fields where changes are required.
Tax payer/Authorized Signatory Date
1.    Attach copy of original challan counterfoil.
2.    In case of correction to challan 280, 282, 283 attach copy of PAN card.
3.    In case of a non-individual tax payer, attach the original authorization with seal of the non-individual tax-payer.
4.    The request form for correction is to be submitted in duplicate to the bank branch.
5.    A separate request form is to be submitted for each challan.

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