Monday, October 8, 2012

e-TDS:- Tax Deducted at Higher Rate in the absence of PAN

               As a deductor, if you have submitted TDS with Flag "C" a Higher Rate in absence of PAN number and TDS deducted less than 20%.   Now Income Tax department has sent demand for the same and now you have  collected PAN number from deductee.   

           No doubt that in present FVU power has been increased and FVU checks rate of Tax while generating FVU, but earlier it was not possible.   

                After getting notice from income tax department,  if deductor want to submit correction statement he faces following problems as shown in below pictures :-

  1. Rows can not be deleted in case of  tax deducted/collected at higher rate. 
  2. Flag already marked "C" of higher rate, can not be changed. 
It is crucial  position,  what should be done by deductor to submit correction return without paying higher rate of tax @ 20%, 

Solution is under question 
            Presently, we do not know proper solution of  this problem, but if anyone knows solution of this problem, he can reply through comment on this post in the interest of deductor. 

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