Monday, October 15, 2012

LPG :- No Shortage of Domestic Subsidised & Domestic Non Subsidized LPG refill cylinders

Oil marketing companies Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and Bharat petroleum (BPCL) on Saturday swung into action with an appeal to the LPG cylinder consumers not to panic. Both the companies also clarified that there was no shortage  of both domestic subsidized and domestic non subsidized LPG refill cylinders especially in Maharashtra and Goa. Further, the duo have said in addition to free availability of domestic subsidized and domestic non subsidized LPG cylinders, both non domestic commercial exempt and non domestic non essential LPG cylinders are also sufficiently available in the market, to meet requirements during the ensuing festive season.

IOC and BPCL announced that they have separately undertaken the Know Your Customer (KYC) exercise to ensure further streamlining of LPG distribution. As per the Centre's announcement, all LPG consumers are eligible for three subsidized domestic cylinders from September 14, 2012 up to March 31, 2013 and there is no restriction in the number of domestic non subsidized cylinders that consumers can avail beyond the three subsidized LPG refill cylinders to meet their genuine demand.

 Effective from April 1, 2013, LPG consumers can avail six domestic subsidized LPG refill cylinders per financial year.  Both the companies reiterated that there will not be any restrictions on the number of domestic non subsidized cylinders that customers can avail beyond the subsidized cylinders.

IOC has asked LPG consumers to stick to the existing system of LPG refill bookings through IVRS or SMS so that refills are reached only to genuine Indane LPG users. The Indane consumers are also advised to ensure that entries of refill supplies are properly made by the delivery boys in the domestic gas consumer card (blue book) issued by their distributors to ensure that refill supplies are properly recorded. Customers without Blue Book however, will have to contact their Indane distributor to avail one. BPCL also asked consumers to ensure that they possess the domestic gas consumer card booklet with a serial number and consumer number entered by the distributor.

BPCL said piped LPG consumers are advised that the number of cylinders to be supplied at subsidized rates to the housing society will be limited to the net entitled quantity based on individual consumption but not more than 3 cylinders of 14.2 kg till March 2013 and not more than 6 cylinders per annum from April 1 next year.


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