Saturday, October 13, 2012

Salary :- Taxation of Income from any Other Head

                                                      Income under any Other head

        (i) Section 192(2B) enables a taxpayer to furnish particulars of income under any head other than "Salaries" ( not being a loss under any such head other than the loss under the head " income from house property") received by the assessee for the same financial year and of any tax deducted at source thereon. Form no. 12C, which was earlier prescribed for furnishing such particulars, has since been omitted from the Rules by the Income Tax (24th amendment) Rules, 2003, w.e.f. 1-10-2003. However, the particulars may now be furnished in a simple statement, which is properly signed and verified by the taxpayer in the manner as prescribed under Rule 26B(2) of the Rules and shall be annexed to the simple statement. The form of verification is reproduced as under: 

I, _________ (name of the assessee), do declare that what is stated above is true to the best of my information and belief. 

(ii) Such income should not be a loss under any such head other than the loss under the head "Income from House Property" for the same financial year. DDO shall take such other income and tax deducted at source, if any, on such income and the loss, if any, under the head "Income from House Property" into account for the purpose of computing tax deductible in terms of section 192(2B) of the Act. However, this sub-section shall not in any case have the effect of reducing the tax deductible (except where the loss under the head "Income from House Property" has been taken into account) from income under the head "Salaries" below the amount that would be so deductible if the other income and the tax deducted thereon had not been taken into account'. In other words, the DDO can take into account any loss (negative income) only under the head "income from House Property" and no other head for working out the amount of total tax to be deducted. 

(iii) Section 192(2C) lays down that a person responsible for paying any income chargeable under the head "salaries" shall furnish to the person to whom such payment is made a statement giving correct and complete particulars of perquisites or profits in lieu of salary provided to him and the value thereof in Form 12BA (Annexure-II). Form 12BA along with Form 16, as issued by the employer, are required to be produced on demand before the Assessing Officer in terms of Section 139C of the Act. 

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